Editing Services

Our experienced editors transform even the most cluttered documents into attention grabbers. At Gird, we work with clients to project a clear and persuasive voice that resonates with their targeted markets and audiences. We provide both basic and advanced editorial support to strengthen every document sent to. Work with our Specialist Editors to get the appropriate tone, structure and language for:

  • Technical Publications
  • Legal Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Creative Manuscripts
  • Reports
  • Project Proposals
  • Outcome Documents
  • Internal and External Correspondence

Our Editorial Expertise Includes:

Substantive Editing

This type of editing considers a work’s organization and presentation. It involves trimming and tightening to clarify each chapter, paragraph, and sentence.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing looks deeply at the organization and strength of a text. This type of editing scrutinizes everything from order, to flow, to consistency.


Copy-editing is a light form of editing that polishes text that has been rewritten to its best shape. A copy editor reviews the text, fixing any mechanical errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Mechanical Editing

Mechanical editing refers to the application of a particular style, such as Associated Press (AP) Style or The Chicago Manual of Style.

  We edit to bring superior value to our clients’ work.